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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now protesters here in boston and across the country, today the president elect is heading to the white house we have it all covered. >> and homeowners o'neill alert. >> than a hundred fake credit cards. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> thursday november 10th, let's get a check of our forecast this morning. today is going to be a pretty nice day overall. good morning, everybody.
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lower 40s in norwood. lawrence is sitting at 37 degrees this morning and a little bit milder over the southeast part of the state. but clearing is coming in and that trend is going to continue. today will be cooler overall compared to where we were yesterday and the day before, any left over clouds on the cape for your morning rush will depart. 50 degrees through lunchtime, wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour, and then some clouds will mix i into the second half of the day. sunset at 4:26 and temperatures in the upper 40s, we've got a windy veterans day coming up. good morning. there is some lane closures as soon as get over the zakim bridge, 2 right lanes closed for construction, and more construction work on 128 in both directions at exit
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the left lanes are closed there. breaking overnight anti-donald trump protesters shutting down a major freeway in los angeles, thousands walking onto the 101 obstructing traffic for hours there. protests spanning coast to coast, boston, chicago, washington d.c. and out west thousands taking to the streets saying they refuse to accept a trump presidency. the unrest comes as trump heads to the white house today. he'll meet with president obama and republican leaders as he begins his transition. hena daniels has the latest. . >> anger over donald trump's stunning election continued to boil over into the early hours. >> he's a racist nightmare.
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she telling down traffic for hours. >> they're protesting democracy, democracy was at work. >> businesses in new orleans damaged, fireworks set off in oakland and in new york police arrested several protesters blocking traffic along various trump properties. hundreds lined the streets of 5th avenue across the street from trump tower as president elect trump prepares for his meeting with president oba house later today. >> we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back, and that's okay. >> hillary clinton urged her supporters to give trump a chance. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday privately
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over potential cabinet opponents. his team pledged to quote rebuild our nation and renew the american dream. >> both trump and vice president elect mike pence will also meet with house speaker paul ryan today trump's transition team is getting to work. they've debuted a new website. it includes an looking to join his team and a new twitter handle providing the latest news and updates. well, thousands marched peacefully in boston, an estimate 5,000 people marched through the city last night some voices frustration appeared cheers by chanting not my president. >> not impressed with this election. as a
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feel safe right now. >> just hoping we'll follow his lead. >> and despite the large number of protesters there were no reported arrests. police department in the new hampshire senate race about 700 votes separated the winner hassan and ayotte ayotte and almost 24 hours after the polls closed ayotte ayotte finally conceded the race. it was one of the closest races in the nation. an with president elect trump and a republican congress. >> it's going to be to remember what u nights us as americans and how we can make progress together. >> it was one of 2 gains for the democrats in the senate. the party needed to pick up 5 seats to shift the balance of power. stay with wbz as we continue to follow the transition of power.
4:36 am for complete details. police are looking for a car in connection with a man shot in the woods yesterday. the 35-year old is hospitalized and in critical condition right you now. he now lives in florida. police are looking for a 2016 rm azda. police are investigating a string of break ins, 3 homes have been broken into in the last 12 days, all of them happening during the day and in all 3 cases jewelry was stolen. police always lock your home and your car and if you see something say something. a patient in maine may have contract add rare deadly brain disease which is typically fatal. as a result maine medical center is now describing down all operating rooms. yesterday they postponed all elective surgeries. the cdc and hospital are working to determine an official diagnosis. the coast guard is still trying to find 3 men who
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the last time they were saw they were putting their boat in tuesday afternoon for a fishing trip. friends say all 3 are experienced on the water . >> there were long duration waves but extremely large about there is always the probability that one might become rowing and grab, in other words become something other than fun to be in. >> the coast guard has searched, so far no one has been found. they have no information. the coast guard has suspended the search for a fisherman who was on some rocks with a friend tuesday when a wave pulled him into the water. a salem police officer charged with rape is being held on $10,000 bail this morning.
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drunk man who was placed in protective custody on halloween. investigators say the act was caught on a security camera inside the police station. his attorney says the encounter was consensual. . >> the reflection of you know the alleged action [audio difficulty] every day to do their jobs. >> the police chief is taking privacy. her husband has been put on paid administrative leave. police from 2 local communities working together to stop a credit card fraud ring. police arrested 2 men and seized more than $15,000 and 150 fake credit cards. the men are accused of ripping off 3 banks. they'll be in court later this month. investigators believe other suspects may be involved. coming up this morning a commuter rail alert. >> an entire line shutting down
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we have what riders need to know. >> plus a fox in some trouble, its head stuck in a storm drain, how local rescuers saved the animal. >> and holiday cheer at starbucks today, plus the free
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. in today's money watch starbucks new holiday cups hitting stores this morning. >> plus the impact of donald trump's win on the financial markets. we're live at the new york stock exchange with those stories. >> reporter: good morning. the dow opens today near records reversal after a plunging in the hours immediately following word of a trump win. the dow find 256 panthers higher. health care and biotech companies are leading the rally. donald trump said he wants to repeal obama care. investors think republicans are less likely to regulate drug places. voters in
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in san francisco it is expected to generate about $15 million in revenue. and holiday symbols are back on starbucks holiday cups. for the first time they asked customers to submit their own designs. starbucks choose 13 from about 1,200 submissions. do at the time donald trump even suggested boycotting, well this year starbucks is offering buy one get one holiday drinks to celebrate the arrival of those new cups. . >> all right. we love free stuff. thank you. . >> i'll buy one you can get one. >> so the deal is you can buy one get one from the 10th to the 14th. >> that's today.
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so we can do it during the weekend. >> i love it. danielle buy one get one. >> okay. all right. so temperatures today are going to be running a little cooler than they've been the past few days. this morning we're in the 30s and 40s, 41 in boston right now. 37 in lawrence, we've had clearing skies, it's been coming in behind t through yesterday with a couple of those showers. so you notice there were still a couple sprinkles overnight now clearing coming into eastern massachusetts there are still some clouds from the south shore back down to cape cod. these too will be exiting the region. to our north there are some few high thin clouds those may mix with the sunshine later on today and what we're waiting for is a front that's going to mean business tomorrow. what it means for us today is we get a southwest wind, come into the
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sun and clouds build in. it is going to be windy tomorrow for veterans day. i am not anticipating any wet weather but it's going to kick up that breeze and we may see gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 50s, 55 to 60 for most of us. not a bad end to the week. and that ushers in some of the coldest air of the season so far. saturday will feature sunshine, high pressure building in, but highs will oy the 40s saturday afternoon and with the breeze factored in at times it's going to feel like it's in the upper 30s at times on saturday afternoon. we do make a nice rebound by sunday though. lower to middle 50s today, a little cooler than average of average in a few spots wind 18 miles per hour tonight clear and stay breezy. 47 for an overnight low, not that cold, the wind will be about 10 to 20 miles per hour
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veterans day forecast again looks pretty good. just have to deal with the winds. so a fairly mild start in the morning. sun and clouds. temperatures in the mid-40s, 55d we're going to fall quickly through the 40s during the evening hours. highs top out 55 to 60 before then though and then the wind kicks up. pats, foxboro sunday night looks good clear and chilly. 7-day forecast is 7-day, temperatures will be back into the upper 50s for the start of next week. we'll get a chance of rain by wednesday. a live look at the eastbound lanes of the massachusetts pike toll booth demo continues to be ahead of schedule. we're also checking the expressway and it's perfect, a 10-minute drive from the split to the pike, 95 and 24 both clear and so is route 3, all in
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to take the commuter rail you'll need to find a different way home tonight. starting at 8:30 p.m. service will be suspended along the entire needham line. alternate bussing will not be provided. this is so crews can replace a bridge in roxbury. they're asking commuters to find an alternate way to get back and forth to work today and tomorrow those are on our website more good news for mass pike commuters, crews demolishing the old toll booths are ahead of schedule. phase 1 should be done today. phase 2 is already starting the upcoming holidays could be a nightmare on the road but officials hope electronic tolling will make things smoother. >> we know even now that we have a system that is safer and more convenient and by the end of
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roadway reconstruction work is done it will literally look as though there were never ever toll booths on the mass pike. >> throughout the demolition process crews will use 230,000 tons of pavement that's enough to pave 116 miles of roadway. listen to this, they'll also excavate enough dirt to fill 27,000 dump trucks if lined up end to end they would stretch 1 the troubling new england compound center blamed for a deadly outbreak have been sentenced for financial crimes. the majority owner was sentenced yesterday to a year of probation and find $4,500. her husband was sentenced to 2 engineer probation and find $55,000. both pleaded guilty in july to withdrawing cash following the outbreak. 64 people were killed, more than 750 people in 20 states got sick.
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the fox's head was stuck in a drain. they used soap to slide the fox out. it didn't appear to be hurt. police said it ran into the woods and looked back as if to say thanks. >> what did the fox say all right ahead this morning the next step today now that donald trump has president. >> plus with all the controversy surrounding this election we have some advice for parents about talking to your kids. >> and honoring our nations veterans i do virtual reality is helping to pay tribute to these
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there's more to know. xarelto. anti-donald trump protesters shutting down a freeway in los angeles, thousands walking onto the 101 disrupting traffic for hours. >> today donald trump is headed to the white house to president obama. the president called for national unity yesterday and says he wants to peacefully transfer power to president elect trump. in her concession speech hillary clinton also said she would work with trump to help the american people. >> and donald trump himself pledged to work with all americans in his victory speech. >> all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us
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>> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> it is no secret that the president elect and i have pretty significant differences, we're all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> donald trump will be sworn in in january. preparations are already underway in front of the white house. >> and since the election results are sparking protest and a lot ofeg online many parents might be wondering how do i talk to my kids to us. the most important thing a parent can do is to reassure your child that everything will be okay and explain that you adopt always win. experts say to respect the presidency and those with different opinions depending on your child's age you they say you can explain how the government works and checks and balances are in place and
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their schools and communities. well, tomorrow is veterans day appeared thousands of world war ii vets have experienced honor flights which brings veterans from around the country to washington d.c. to see the memorials built in their honor and for those too frail virtual reality is helping to bring the memorials to them. . >> reporter: joseph cook has seen a lot in his 92 years the world war ii veteran flue dangerous missions in the army . >> more than 270 years have passed but the memories have not faded. >> they paid the real price they're the real heroes. >> he wanted to visit the national world war ii memorial in washington d.c. but he's not
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because we as a nation waited far too long to build the memorial and when losing our veterans at a rate of 500 a day nationwide. this is your lucky day. >> honor everywhere brings the memorials to veterans through virtual reality. >> this is a way that they can feel like they were there. >> cook was able to finally see the monuments in 3d. his choked up over the virtual tour. >> this is for him, and i think, you know, to have him see that and to see the expression on his face, it's just -- i know it meant the world to him. >> it's a new way to salute ageing war heroes it is 4:55 right now. just ahead finding the humor in the election.
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. the host of the 3 late night talk shows had one thing on their minds last night, the election. . >> i had the weird east dream last night, remember that guy who use to host the apprentice, i dreamed we elected him president. and you were there and you were
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. >> the big story is that america woke up this morning and was like . >> everybody processing grieve differently he heard elizabeth warren got a neck tattoo, go get them tornadoes . >> evening that's true. i think she did. colbert offered the cosmic perspective on campaign and the election results. they ended up smashing his telescopes. i think they will have some good material for the next 4 years and will make us laugh for a long time. >> that's very true. you've got to wake up and laugh. that's the best medicine. all right. temperatures weather and traffic are all straight ahead. the. >> the news at 25 starts right now. >> and breaking overnight protesters hitting the streets in cities across the country including here in boston, their
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as he heads to the white house today. >> a string of break ins a warning from police. >> and voters saying yes to recreational marijuana what's next? . >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning. to you. it is 25:00 right now. >> thankg us, it is thursday november 10th a chilly start to our thursday. >> we have 30s out it's going to be cooler the than the past couple of days. north and west of town we dip to the low 230s, a couple of 20s on the map. . we're in for plenty of sunshine today. call it chilly


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